In the following I would like to answer some questions that might arise in the course of shopping here in the floorball shop Floorball Hayungs.

Which floorball stick side do I need?

That depends on how you prefer to hold the floorball stick. With the hand that gives you more sensitivity, you should grip the stick at the top of the shaft. As a rule, right-handed people usually grab the upper shaft end of the floorball stick with their right hand. Left-handed people usually grip the end of the shaft with their left hand.

How long should my floorball stick be?

There are usually two dimensions for the length of a floorball stick: the shaft length and the total length of the stick. Here in the shop I usually tell you the shaft length. It is important to choose a racket length where you have to run slightly bent. The racket should not be too short, otherwise you run humped and may even get back pain. If the racket is too long, it can be annoying in tight game situations. As a rule of thumb, the racket should reach a maximum of 4 cm above the navel. The following table gives you a very rough overview of which shaft length might be suitable for you.

Floorball stick length – find the right length

heights shaft
under 1,30 m 65 cm – 70 cm
1,30 m – 1,45 m 75 cm
1,45 m – 1,55 m 80 cm
1,55 m – 1,65 m 85 cm – 87 cm
1,65 m – 1,75 m 92 cm
1,75 m – 1,95 m 95 cm – 100 cm
from 1,95 m from 100 cm