Eurostick Pink Pearl, 96 cm, Flex 27, Carbon/Fiberglass, IFF-certified, left


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This floorball stick from Eurostick is a real eye-catcher. The shaft of the “Pink Pearl” consists of a carbon / fiberglass mixture. This leads to a low weight and a higher durability.

The 27 mm deflection (flex) ensures that the shaft strikes back faster when bending and hits the ball with greater force, but still with high accuracy.

The stick is IFF-certified and therefore approved for use in official game operations.

Pink Pearl is currently only available as a left side stick (the stick is held on the left side)

The floorball stick is equipped with the “Eurostick Massive” blade. This blade gives you more power for harder shots. The “massive” blade has a solid blade construction with great rigidity – which enables harder blows with better precision. A single horizontal cavity along the entire blade area gives you improved ball control and more power.

Shaft length: 96 cm
Total length of the stick: 108 cm
Weight: 270 g
Material of the shaft: 30% carbon / 70% fiberglass
Left hand boom

Additional information

blade side

left – right hand up

shaft lenght

96 cm


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