UHER Floorball rink small field (28m x 16m), black, IFF-certified


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Black rink for the small floorball field. The rink comes from the internationally renowned floorball rink manufacturer UHER from the Czech Republic.

UHER is the exclusive supplier of floorball rinks for the Czech national floorball team. UHER is also a partner of the Finnish floorball association.

The price includes a complete set of a floorball rink for the small floorball field on 28 m x 16 m as well as two wagons for transport and storage . The set is certified by the IFF (International Floorball Federation).

The rink can be set up and taken down quickly.

The black board set for the small floorball field includes:

36 straight segments 1.99 x 0.5m
8 pieces 1/2 corner segment (r = 2.09m)
2 transport trolleys

Uher Floorballbanden

Material of the floorball rink

highly resistant polypropylene. The rink elements are processed using a special welding technique (molecular welding).

The material has been tested under extremely high conditions and is also used for outdoor street hockey fields and universal outdoor playing fields.

24 months warranty from the manufacturer.

The rink is delivered by the manufacturer directly from the factory.


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